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Prof Ajay Kumar Singh

Professor Science Education, Teaching Learning Process, Educ... View Profile

Prof Sima Pal

Professor Value Education, Special Educational... View Profile

Prof Ramiah Balakrishnan

Professor Educational Management, Environmental Education an... View Profile

Dr Swapan Kumar Dutta

Associate Professor Teacher Education, Curriculum Development... View Profile

Dr Remith George Carri

Associate Professor Science Education, Quality Of Teacher Education an... View Profile

Dr Ram Kumar Mahto

Associate Professor Science Education, Educational Research and Techno... View Profile

Dr Ananta Kumar Jena

Associate Professor Philosophy Of Science Education, Educational Resea... View Profile

Dr Geetika Bagchi

Associate Professor Educational Psychology,Education For Exceptional C... View Profile

Dr Sreeparna Bhattacharjee

Assistant Professor Human Rights Education, Educational Sociology, Con... View Profile

Dr Sukanta Mondal

Assistant Professor Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry (Research:... View Profile

Dr Suman Kalyan Panja

Assistant Professor Chemistry, Science Education, Educational Research... View Profile

Dr Swarnakamal Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Physics (Material Sciences), Science Education... View Profile

Dr Manichander T

Assistant Professor ICT in Education, Educational Psychology, Mathemat... View Profile

Dr Atanu Banerjee

Assistant Professor Zoology (Cell and Molecular Biology), Cell Cycle a... View Profile

Dr Ruhul Amin

Assistant Professor Pure Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Graph The... View Profile

Dr Bhaskar Nath

Assistant Professor Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Supramolecular Ch... View Profile

Dr Swapan Kumar Mandal

Assistant Professor Educational Research, Educational Technology, Envi... View Profile

Dr C. Zorammuana

Assistant Professor Applied Mathematics, Continuum Mechanics, Solid Me... View Profile

Dr Khwairakpam Shantakumar Singh

Assistant Professor Laser Ablation (Experimental and Simulation), Lase... View Profile