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Prof Subhash Chandra Singh

Professor Criminal Law, Family Law, Human Rights, Constituti... View Profile

Prof Madhumita Dhar Sarkar

Professor Jurisprudence, Environmental Law ,Criminal Law... View Profile

Dr Rashmi Ranjan Mishra

Associate Professor Law... View Profile

Prof Shiv Datt Sharma

Assistant Professor Law... View Profile

Dr Umesh Kumar

Assistant Professor Criminal Law... View Profile

Dr Ashish Ransom

Assistant Professor Business Laws and Intellectual Property Rights... View Profile

Dr Bishwajit Das

Assistant Professor Intellectual Property Laws, Right To Information L... View Profile

Dr Deepshikha Bhattacharjee

Assistant Professor Indian Government and Politics, State Politics In ... View Profile

Dr Dristirupa Patgiri

Assistant Professor Human Rights, International Law, Gender Justice an... View Profile

Dr Amitabh Singh

Assistant Professor Criminal Law, Criminology, Code Of Civil Procedure... View Profile

Dr Nasruddin Khan

Assistant Professor Modern Indian History and Legal History... View Profile

Dr Pompita Paul

Assistant Professor Criminal Law, Constitutional Law and Family Law... View Profile

Dr Ponkhi Borah

Assistant Professor Criminal Law, Constitutional Law and Human Rights... View Profile

Dr Partha Pratim Paul

Assistant Professor Indian Jurisprudence, Intellectual Property Rights... View Profile

Dr Priya Ranjan Kumar

Assistant Professor Contract and Corporate Law, Constitution and Admin... View Profile

Dr Sandeep Kumar Suman

Assistant Professor Ipr,Gi, Procedural Laws, Adr... View Profile

Dr Suranjan Das

Assistant Professor Research Methodology, Sociology Of Health, Sociolo... View Profile

Dr Thejani-I Pohena

Assistant Professor African- American Literature, Post-Colonial Studie... View Profile