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Prof Debasish Bhattacharjee

Professor Modern Political Analysis, Government and Politics... View Profile

Prof Ranju Rani Dhamala

Professor Human Rights; Public Administration... View Profile

Prof Joyati Bhattacharya

Professor International Politics, India’S Foreign Policy... View Profile

Dr Tenapalli Hari

Associate Professor International Relations... View Profile

Dr P. Kanaka Rao

Assistant Professor Political Theory, Methodology Of Social Sciences... View Profile

Dr Harsha S

Assistant Professor Political Sociology, Comparative Public Administra... View Profile

Dr Debotosh Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Political Sociology, Local Governance, Research Me... View Profile

Dr Nameirakpam Bijen Meetei

Assistant Professor Political Theory, Multiculturalism... View Profile

Dr Tapan Das

Assistant Professor Democracy and Political Activism, North East Polit... View Profile

Dr Mahan Borah

Assistant Professor Regional Politics, Society and Politics In South A... View Profile

Dr Moses Kharbithai

Assistant Professor Indian Diaspora and Development; Ethnic Politics a... View Profile