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Prof Gopalji Mishra

Professor Correctional Administration... View Profile

Prof Subhabrata Dutta

Professor Governance, Panchayati Raj and Rural Development... View Profile

Prof M. Tineshwori Devi

Professor Adolescent and Health... View Profile

Prof M. Gangabhushan

Professor Industrial Relation and Personal Management... View Profile

Dr Tarun Bikas Sukai

Associate Professor NgoS Hiv/Aids... View Profile

Dr Tarun Bikash Sukai

Associate Professor HIV/AIDS, NGOs, Developmental issues, Labour Welfa... View Profile

Dr Kathiresan Loganathan

Associate Professor Health Care Sciences and Services, Anthropology, H... View Profile

Dr Mrityunjay Kr. Singh

Assistant Professor Social Development... View Profile

Dr Ratna Huirem

Assistant Professor Community Development... View Profile

Dr Ritwika Rajendra

Assistant Professor Family and Child Welfare... View Profile

Dr Lalzo S. Thangom

Assistant Professor Urcd, Hiv/Aids... View Profile

Dr Aditi Nath

Assistant Professor Partnership Development and Ngo Management... View Profile

Dr Ajit Jena

Assistant Professor Social Policy, Social Legislation... View Profile

Dr G. Albin Joseph

Assistant Professor NGO Management, Youth Development, Disability Stud... View Profile

Dr Joyashri Dey

Assistant Professor Governance and Community Development... View Profile

Dr Kaivalya T. Desai

Assistant Professor Social Work Education... View Profile